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Every sort of People party in Newhaven
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partnership + people = community

Our first Every Sort of people event happened In 2016, in partnership with Lewes Football Club, had an idea for an accessible community festival. The idea came from our work with the learning disabled community and accessible arts programming.

“The Every Sort of People Festival was very well planned and run by lots of enthusiastic people, seemed like there were lots of busy people knowing what to do and when, while helping individuals with additional needs. A very professional event, I could see how much work had gone into making the day a success.”

Through Culture Shift facilitation, over 30 local community sector organisations contributed to the success of the Every Sort of People Festival and over 1000 people attended on the day. Click here to learn more about what happened on the day and who was involved 

Every Sort of People Party

On October 7th 2023, 17 organisations came together for Every Sort of People Party managed by Culture Shift in partnership with Sanctuary Festival. The venue was the Hillcrest Community Centre in Newhaven and was attended by 230 people, including the Mayor of Newhaven, Councillor Julie Carr, who said:

“I am absolutely delighted this is happening in Newhaven. I think this is a really special event with so much going on. Thanks to the organisers and the people who put in the grant application so we could partially fund this brilliant event. I would love to see this happen every year”


The event celebrated the diversity and creativity of the local community in a positive and inclusive way.


With funding support from the Chalk Cliff Trust and Newhaven Town Council, the event was free to all attendees and there was a vast array of activities and performances for everyone to enjoy, including;

You can learn more about what happened on the day by clicking here to read the evaluation report

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Every Sort of People Can

On August 17th 2023, local businesses, community organisations and individuals came together for an event in Lewes. Culture Shift ran the event in partnership with sustainable housing developers Human Nature and community arts charity UCAN Spray, with funding support received from the Chalk Cliff Fund.


The primary focus of the event was to celebrate the art of spray painting in a positive, inclusive and family-friendly way. The venue was a warehouse on the Phoenix Estate in Lewes called The Sheds.


Wanting the event to be affordable and accessible for everyone, admission and all activities were free including free food made by the Lewes based Community Chef and a low cost pop up tuck shop.


A total of 14 local businesses and community organisations contributed to the event with 350 individuals attending.

"I loved everything! The people, the music, the atmosphere. The kids loved the activities, the cafe was so reasonable which is a big help during the summer holidays. We loved it!"  [Attendee]

You can learn more about what happened on the day by watching the video below or by clicking here to read the evaluation report

Every Sort of People offers partners and supporters an opportunity to create local connections, develop new audiences and make a unique contribution to their community. Contact us at with any enquiries

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