work opportunities

May 2020


We are really delighted to have received funding from Arts Council England to work alongside Sussex Partnership Trust and CAMHS to develop Discovery College arts programmes in East Sussex over the next two and a half years. Discovery College was set up three years ago in East Sussex by CAMHS and Sussex Partnership Trust. The programme offers a mix of arts programmes and psycho education courses for young people wishing to learn about managing their mental health.  

We are recruiting the following to work on this project:  

web developer

We are looking for a web designer/developer to produce a website for the programme that will:

  • be developed with young people

  • offer a platform for young people to share artwork and stories from the programme

  • inform young people and their parents/carers about the DisCO programme.

Download the full brief here 

Deadlines for applications for the Web Developer have been extended to 19 June 2020. 

For any further questions about this opportunity please email or if you would like to speak to someone on the telephone, please call the office and leave a voicemail; we are currently all working remotely so someone will get back to you as soon as possible.