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Everything we do stems from arts-based approaches, skills and values.  We celebrate the creativity of everyone and ensure that professional creatives facilitate our work, sharing their skills and expertise. 

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We believe that an arts-based approach

  • supports our health and wellbeing, our thinking and our relationships.  

  • opens up different ways to communicate, providing a platform to express feelings and ideas and to be visible and actively engaged.

  • makes a valuable contribution to tackling challenges in the current context of poverty, mental and physical health inequalities and social isolation. 

  • has a positive impact in our lives, both as participants and audiences.

And so...

We use arts practice to support health and wellbeing, social inclusion and learning.

Our projects cultivate opportunities for individuals and groups to access and develop their latent creativity.

Our shared experiences can offer respite from everyday life as well as a platform through which to better understand and navigate challenges.

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2 learning disabled people performing at Circus of Sound Cabaret
Creative activities at Big BOBS day in Eastbourne
creative freelancer talking to student with two students in background painting a mural
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