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For us, 'experience' relates to both the creative experience and the lived experience of our participants, informed by our experience of successful delivery. 

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We believe that

  • we maximise the impact of our work through the diverse nature of our portfolio and a determination to avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all' delivery model. 

  • our work benefits from intersectionality and that learning gained within one programme area feeds into the development of others. 

  • access to creative opportunities supports people to be visible and active in their lives.

And so...

We put lived experience at the core of everything we do. This means we co-produce plans, resources and materials and deliver activity with people who understand what they need, what will work best and are able to express their lived experience through creativity.

We create opportunities for people to meaningfully connect and thrive, particularly focusing on those who experience barriers to access.

Our portfolio of programmes reaches a broad range of beneficiaries, including learning disabled adults, children and young people, unpaid carers and people with Dementia.

In 2023 we recorded over 3,500 beneficiaries for our activities. Our impact on indirect beneficiaries is significantly greater due to our open access, one-off events in the community and online activity, films and resources.

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A warm up activity with learning disabled adults and BOBS coaches
Carers talking and laughing
Children having fun at Space to Create
People dancing to Delta 7 at Every Sort of People party
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