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Culture Shift was set up in 2011 as a legacy of the Creative Partnerships programme and we are firmly committed to partnership working and creative collaboration in everything we do.

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We believe that

  • all community is valuable. This may be a placed-based community or a community of practice or identity, based on shared interest or lived experience.  We are talking about the simple power of bringing people together for a shared experience.

  • connecting with others through creative activity enables individuals and communities to develop a stronger sense of identity, belonging, purpose and achievement.

  • 'community' is in danger of becoming an overused buzzword as our sense of feeling connected and belonging feels more under threat than ever before.

And so...

Our skills and experience lie in creating a level playing field for people and organisations to meet, establish connections and make extraordinary things happen. These connections happen less and less naturally in our lives today, but we believe this is how to achieve the greatest impact. 

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Performance of Invisible Sentence
Families doing street art activity at Every Sort of People Can festival
The every sort of people festival
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