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Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness training being delivered for an arts and cultural organisation

reflection + information = awareness 

Our approach is based solidly in our own experience of creative practice and delivery, for example our highly successful Being Our Best Selves in Sussex programme.


Training is structured to be varied, interactive and challenging, creating a safe space for group working, learning and shared experience, drawing on the knowledge in the room.  

With our wealth of experience in the arts and disability sector, Culture Shift offers bespoke training specifically tailored  for organisations wishing to understand their obligations and improve their practice.

Our Disability Awareness Training covers:


our understanding, personal experiences and exposure to portrayals of disability in the media, news coverage etc 

Language and communication 

negative and positive terminology relating to disability awareness of the medical and social models. 

The legal framework and requirements

the implications of the Equality Act 2010 and the requirement to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to provide access for disabled people. 

Potential barriers for disabled people 

specific and general barriers for active and meaningful engagement in the arts and cultural sector and strategies for overcoming them. 

Good practice

examples and guidance to develop this and identify areas for improvement at an individual, organisational and sector level. 

Action planning

collaboratively creating some tangible, action-based outcomes based on collective agreed terms and aspirations.

“I was very impressed by the style and tone of the Culture Shift training on Disability Awareness. The session was informative, insightful but also fun. This was our first IRL team training since the pandemic and everyone was made to feel safe and comfortable to have conversations about disability in constructive and positive ways.” Steve Moffitt, A New Direction

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"The workshop was well structured, with freedom to talk and permission to explore" Participant

“I most enjoyed discussing and clarifying how to approach visitors with accessible needs” Participant

Previous clients include: 

National Trust, HOME, Liverpool Biennial, Worthing Theatres, The Lewes Depot Cinema, Charleston House, Super Slow WayA New Direction, Farnham Maltings and The London Sinfonietta

To find out more about our Disability Awareness Training and to discuss details of how to book please email

interactive discussion around disability awareness
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