being our best selves

Health + Creativity + Community = Wellbeing

Being our best selves (BOBS) began as a pilot project in 2019 aiming to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of the members of the band Delta 7 and their families and carers.

Starting October 2020! We have a new opportunity for you to join in the BOBS journey. There are spaces available in our weekly online groups, starting Monday 5 October, running for 15 consecutive weeks. Every week you will receive a bulletin filled with activities and resources to help you feel good and achieve your goals. These are all supported by our BOBS coaches, and each activity set has a focus on physical, creative, and emotional wellbeing. You can join as an individual, or lead your own group within a care setting or your family unit. We also have weekly Zoom sessions, where you can meet and support others with your very own BOBS coach. Please email to sign up or find out more. 



The BOBS pilot started in September 2019 and ran for 10 sessions over a period of nearly 4 months, ending in December 2019.  During this period, attendance at group sessions grew from 12 to 30 participants in total, some attending all sessions, others occasionally. The initial 12 comprised of the core members of Delta 7, support staff and carers. Additional participants were carers (both paid and unpaid) and friends, invited by members of Delta 7. 

The objectives were set by members at the beginning of the pilot. These were to: 

  • look and feel better 

  • be more active  

  • be healthier in terms of diet and physical activity  

Each of the project sessions was structured to include elements of physical activity, social interaction, and personal development.   

The impact of the pilot sessions included: 

Social benefits - a sense of inclusion and belonging  

Physical health benefits – increased levels of activity  

Mental health benefits – improved self-confidence and resilience  

Based on successful strategies from the BOBS pilot, and with support from Eastbourne Town Council Disability Inclusion Fund, we created a series of resources available to all, to help people through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Download Chapter ONE of the wonderful GUIDE to Being Our Best Selves here 

Download Chapter TWO of the wonderful GUIDE to Being Our Best Selves here 

Download Chapter THREE of the wonderful GUIDE to Being Our Best Selves here

Download Chapter FOUR of the wonderful GUIDE to Being Our Best Selves here

"The feeling at the end of every BOBs group was complete and utter joy and excitement which is (in my experience) entirely unique amongst mental health improvement projects. I believe this was due to the combination of a completely trusting environment, a chance for people to discuss their successes in the exercises (mental and physical) set the week before, and a brilliantly fun workout section!”   

Jessica Towner, BOBS pilot co-facilitator  

"It hasn’t made my problems go away but I feel a bit stronger to deal with them" 

Project participant 



download the pilot project evaluation report here

For more information please email