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Being Our Best Selves... In Sussex

photo from Being Our Best Selves in Sussex

Health + Creativity + Community = Wellbeing

Being Our Best Selves in sussex is a creative wellbeing programme supporting learning disabled adults to meet new people while building self confidence and wellbeing together through creative activities.

It is well evidenced that learning disabled people experience significant health inequalities and social isolation, which have increased during the pandemic. Being Our Best Selves (BOBS) is a creative response to tackling these challenges.

"I didn’t know what it meant at first and now I know. You can learn different things and do different things to help your resilience and help yourself be healthy and strong. I am so positive now. I may have had some problems in the past but now in the future I feel it will be fine."

[Laura, participant]

the voices of learning disabled people 

learning from those with lived experience we brought together learning disabled people to form a co-production steering group called BOBS Brains.

Members of this group meet regularly with our BOBS coaches to discuss the programme aims, content and accessibility of session activities, promotion and the evaluation of the progress and impact (click here to see our our co produced Theory of Change framework).

“ The best part of BOBS is feeling part of things. I am in BOBS Brains and I have been to some sessions and I feel I belong. It has given me more confidence, especially in getting to know new people. I like hearing everyone’s different opinions about life and things. I liked it when I went to Hastings. The second time I got there by myself. I felt very brave and proud that day. I said to myself, Wow! I did it!."  

[Sophie, Participant]

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future dates

Please bring packed lunch

Being Our Best Selves…Crawley

A FREE 3 week course for learning disabled adults

11am - 2pm

6th November 2023

13th November 2023

20th November 2023

The Hawth

Hawth Avenue


RH10 6YZ

Click here for more about BOBS... in Crawley

BOBS in Crawley Flyer

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, we will be delivering activity  in locations across Sussex until 2025

For more detailed information and updates please contact

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