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young people + professional wordsters = iNSPIRATION and aspiration

Soundbites for students


We created a series of short films with 5 local artists during the lockdown.

In these short films, we meet with each artist over a 5 week period, with the aims to help improve literacy confidence by giving young people and adult learners ideas and inspiration to be creative with words.


Students can choose to create their own cartoon or graphic novel, write a song, make an illustrated book, or write a play.

The full series is available to schools or anyone who wants to take part here with links to the playlists over on our YouTube channel

SCRIPTWRITING with Christine

Cartooning and graphics with andy

Songwriting with siddy

illustration with Ed

graphic novels with john

Read Your Way partners include Education Futures Trust, National Social Marketing Centre, FSN, 18 Hours and Hastings Storytelling Festival.  

If you would like to find out more about getting involved with the Get Hastings Reading Campaign, check out the Read Your Way Facebook page