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BOBS Skills

BOBS Skills

Further Education students warming up before a BOBS Skills session at their college

Health + Creativity + Community = Wellbeing

Since 2019, Culture Shift has developed the Being Our Best Selves (BOBS) programme. In January 2022, we delivered a series of BOBS Skills pilot sessions, extending the existing BOBS model into Further Education settings, addressing the criteria of the Catch Up Fund. You can read more about the pilot, by downloading our summary of the Bobs Skills Pilot here

Bobs Skills

The Aims


The BOBS Skills programme tackles real and significant challenges which are faced by growing number of young people, particularly in the light of pandemic experiences, including:

  • Lost/disrupted learning

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • Poor social skills

  • Lack of resilience

  • Mental and physical health pressures

  • Concerns for the future as a consequence of both the pandemic and climate change

  • Lack of vocational and practical skills and meaningful encounters with employers

Crucially, the sessions are interactive and engaging, celebrating individuality and nurturing a strong sense of self and awareness of what we can all do to bring out the best in ourselves and others. 

Each session is led by a team of trained BOBS Coaches, bringing a variety of personalities, skills and experiences ranging from the arts, sports, community and public sectors.

Some of our BOBS Coaches
Our team
of Bobs Coaches

The Activity

Activity includes

  • Gentle physical activity

  • Checking-in 

  • Team Activities

  • Self Reflection

  • Creative Activities

  • Creative Journaling

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Being our best Selves (BOBS)
Being Our Best Selves (BOBS)
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Careers and Skills

For more information about BOBS Skills, you can download a flyer by clicking here or to discuss your specific requirements in more detail contact us on

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