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rise & shine

Childrens artwork advising on how to save energy, by turning off lights

families + activity + information = knowledge

Rise and Shine is part of Project SHINE, a European project, led in Hastings by Hastings Borough Council. We were commissioned by Citizens Advice 1066 during the lockdown to develop a resource kit with creative activities to get people exploring energy use in the home.


The project is designed to engage the whole family through fun problem-solving activities to learn how they can save energy and money. Our Rise and Shine activities were designed by Felicity Chadwick, and the boxes we distributed contained creative ideas, games, art materials, and information about how to save energy and make homes warmer for the winter.


We held two socially distanced workshops in Hastings and St Leonards, introducing local families to kit activities and offering the opportunity to create badges and posters.

You can download the Rise & Shine activity pack here!

or if you only want our top tips on how to save energy, click here

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Funders and partner logos, inteerg, Citizen Advice 1066 and Hastings borough Council
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