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Everyday Creativity


creativity + routine + Community = better Health 

Commissioned by the East Sussex Public Health team in January 2021, Everyday Creativity aimed to explore the impact of creative activity on people’s health and wellbeing.


During lockdown many people became more creative at home, from creating NHS rainbows, to online choirs, from learning a musical instrument or joining an online dance class. The Public Health team wished to explore the impact of participating in these creative activities on health and wellbeing as a way of supporting our population during the pandemic. The Everyday Creativity programme was the first systematic attempt within the Public Health team at East Sussex County Council to explore the potential health benefits of creativity.


Culture Shift led a team of creative organisations and individuals delivering activity in 2021, these were co-designed and developed with 5 distinct groups of people who were determined by the Public Health team to be at high risk of adverse outcomes either before or during the pandemic.

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Personal Assistants (PAs) supporting people in the local community

This project aimed to engage those who provide care in the community by developing creative skills to improve their own mental health and wellbeing, as well as those they support, and raise awareness of the role of PAs. The programme was led by Community21 with additional input from creative researchers at The Centre of Arts and Well-being, The University of Brighton.

Find out more about this project here: Everyday Creativity for Personal Assistants

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Furloughed and unemployed people

This project offered a variety of artist-led activity including creative writing, photography and life coaching for people currently unemployed or  furloughed as a result of the pandemic. It was led by Creative Future with support from Department of Work and Pensions and East Sussex Libraries Service


Find out more about this project here: Everyday Creativity for Unemployed and Furloughed

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Former rough sleepers

This programme activity was based in Hastings and Eastbourne, involving people in temporary accommodation, working with music and arts organisations Resonate Creative CIC and Eastbourne Studio Pottery.

Find out more about this project here: Everyday Creativity with Former Rough Sleepers

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Care home residents

This project set up to explore how creativity could support people in care homes, a population group that has been especially impacted by the pandemic restrictions. Two projects were set up working across 10 care homes in East Sussex. Our arts partners for this project were visual artists Lucy Groenewoud, Sarah Bryant and Marisa Gardner and music organisation Raise Your Voice in Care.


Find out more about this project here: Everyday Creativity in Care

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Young people (aged 14-19) 

This project set out to co-design an online platform with young people as content creators and to create meaningful content to support and engage other young people. The project was led by arts partners  Eggtooth, Isolation Station and Home Live Art alongside other youth providers in East Sussex.

Find out more about this project here: Everyday Creativity for Young People

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