What is coaching?

Coaching is a process for enabling people to make positive change. Its aim is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging space where individuals can explore their own personal development. Coaching helps people understand and dismantle the barriers to get them to where they want to be.

Who is it for?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to makes changes, raise self-awareness and gain clarity on their situation.

Why have coaching?

Coaching can help enable people to:

  • fulfil their potential
  • gain clarity
  • set and achieve goals
  • problem solve around challenges and barriers
  • build confidence
  • improve performance

Who would we work with?

Charlotte Semlyen, Associate Director

Charlotte Semlyen

Charlotte is a qualified Relational Dynamics coach and an associate member of the Association for Coaching. She receives regular supervision to oversee her practice and is fully insured. Charlotte has provided coaching for several cultural organisations, including Brighton & Hove Library Services, South East Dance, Sound and Music and Wayne McGregor | Random Dance. She has also provided coaching for a wide range of individuals both within and beyond the arts sector. Charlotte is inspired by coaching’s capacity to enable clarity of thought and positive future plans.

How much does it cost?

We charge £60 – £80 per hour session for not-for-profit organisations, and other rates are available on request.

We can create the right package depending on your needs and resources, but as a guide we normally recommend 4-6 one-hour sessions.

What do her clients say?

Working with Charlotte on the development and delivery of our Embedded residency coaching programme for artists has been really great. I always know that Charlotte can pick up relationships with our new artists very easily and involve them in the process straight away. Many of the artists that we work with are new to coaching so there is quite a lot of trust building involved. The programme has been a new development for us and it’s been great to have Charlotte work alongside, and support, our in-house coaching offer. It has encouraged us to develop larger and more ambitious coaching programmes and to put this approach at the centre of our artist development work.

Richard Whitelaw, Director of Programmes, Sound and Music,

I felt very quickly at ease in my session, confident that I was in a safe, supportive and open space to explore professional challenges. Charlotte’s attentive and supportive presence gave me the space to probe and explore issues myself, encouraged by her clear, focussed questions. The session supported me to discover actions or even solutions to challenges and this felt very empowering.

Louise Jardine, Arts Council England

I have found Charlotte Semlyen’s input and support invaluable over the last year, a time of great change. She has provided focus, clarity and positivity around chaotic and often contradictory thinking, enabling me to distinguish ‘the wood from the trees’, initiating and implementing changes in the way I deal with stumbling blocks, habitual behaviours and crises of confidence. Charlotte has been largely responsible in fostering an understanding and appreciation of the value of coaching, banishing any previous scepticism. Her coaching style is supportive and focussed, combining skilled technique with warmth of personality that ensures the process is incredibly productive, and even enjoyable. Charlotte is a brilliant coach.

Jamie Beddard, Director, Writer, Trainer, Diversity Consultant

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