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Culture Shift offers creative wellbeing programmes delivered after school by artists, with one artist usually bringing youth work or therapeutic experience.


As a result of this work, young people:

  • Develop creative skills and identify how these contribute to broader well-being
  • Become more confident in themselves
  • Feel less isolated in school through accessing a group where they can share issues, tackle problems together, and develop coping strategies
  • Identify routes to develop creative interests and access further support


Programmes typically run over several weeks, building a safe ‘listening’ space and creative space in which young people can explore issues and tell their story through a variety of creative activities.

Activities respond to young people’s interests and include drama, song writing, arts, craft, digital arts and film making, as well as a gallery trip and outdoor activity.


Young people have valued their engagement in the programmes, with good attendance at after school sessions, and many carrying out work at home between sessions. Students in every school have asked for the groups to continue.

Many young people reflected on the value of the creative activity, for example, taking pride in creating short meme films, enjoying the flow as they worked at making collage, taking the opportunity to talk about experiences through song lyrics, and enjoying the sense of accomplishment in performing for others. For some the chance to ‘switch off’ has been key.

The group work itself is beneficial; valuable friendships are developed, and the opportunity to problem solve together helps build resilience and reduce the isolation many experience in school.

Young people and schools report on growing confidence and positive changes in behaviour.

With regards to the programme I would say it was spot on. Staff have talked about how well the students engaged with the programme and the students still talk positively about it now.

Pastoral lead

I don’t really want it to be useful – I just like relaxing. I loved making stress balls and making a mess.

Young person

It has helped me because I have learnt about positivity. I have seen good things happening in my life because of this

Young person

I have learned to keep trying… I have learned to be proud.

Young person

[She’s] been like a new person, up-to-date with all her homework and taking part in a big school production.


[She] found her voice through the group – she is able to voice negative stuff, very enthusiastic about the course.


I’ve had less detentions. I stop to think before I say things, before I would say things and get called rude.

Young person

My behaviour has improved. The group has made me not get so anxious so much. It calms me down and stuff.

Young person


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