What others say

About Arts Award…

Everything came together creatively, it was so exciting. Achieving my Arts Award Gold feels amazing! It was a lot of work, but all really worthwhile.

Gold Arts Award Leader

I haven’t seen before a group of young people in an out of school setting take on silver, without bronze first, in such a short time with such impressive results. Well done!

Arts award moderator

It has enabled the young person to transfer some of the therapeutic benefits of the work outside of the arts therapy session in developing [their] ability to work at home.




About Creative Café…

Brighton is home to some of the UK’s best creative practitioners and programmes like Creative Café bring these professionals into the academy and gives students access to local talent.  The format enables students to think about employability and pathways into work in a unique way, as well as broadening their ideas about what is possible and what their city has to offer them.

Natasha Silsby, Aldridge Foundation, Community Manager Brighton & Hove

I enjoyed learning about how professionals got into the industry and having the benefit of their experiences.

Creative Café participant

This was best careers thing I’ve been to as it was really relevant to me.

Creative Café participant

It was a pleasure to take part, and by the looks of the feedback it was an extremely worthwhile morning. It was also very enjoyable and interesting meeting other creatives and their work.                

Suzi Grala, Breeze Digital, Creative Café contributor


About facilitation and coaching…

Culture Shift’s facilitation helped to channel the energy and enthusiasm of our diverse group into meaningful action. The session was thought-provoking and well-structured, which really helped us to define our shared goals. Crucially all members of the group felt they had been able to make a genuine contribution; we all had ownership of the agreed aims and were able to explore how these could be achieved by working together.

Emma Collins, Music Learning & Partnerships Manager, Brighton & Hove Music & Arts

I learn so much from your facilitation style and skills. You have an incredible ability to manage people, emotions and difficult situations, and wisdom beyond your years.

Action Learning set participant

The sharing/networking was real and not contrived – there is a genuine searching for creativity.

West Sussex, teacher


Catherine and her colleagues supported a team of Sponsors and the Principal Designates from the two Hastings Academies to plan and deliver an inspirational day to share the vision for the academies with 400 staff from three predecessor schools. It was a resounding success.

Theresa Phillips, Principal, The Hastings Academy

There were a lot of ideas about participation and working in a multi-disciplinary way. Thanks, it’s been so easy to come together.

Open Space participant

There is a lot of ambition in the room. I also appreciated the structure and being given the chance to be passionate and jump in and out as I wished.

Open Space Participant


About volunteering…

I’ve received such great feedback from [Our Active Student volunteers] about Culture Shift – your opportunity was “fantastic”, that “everyone has been helpful and friendly, made you feel part of a group and needed”, that volunteers would “Fully recommend it to anyone”.

Active Student Volunteering Service



About research and evaluation…

Through creative dialogue, we developed a bespoke research approach delivered through an effective team with a range of creative expertise. It was a seamless part of the project process, from an engaging Open Space networking event to one-to-one conversations with project participants. The learning outcomes of this project have inspired Arts Partnership Surrey to plan another Open Space event next year, led by Culture Shift.

Hannah Smith, Arts Development Officer, Woking Borough Council


About training and professional development…

The trainer’s delivery was excellent. She’s been clear and exhaustive, really easy to understand. Perfect. The atmosphere created… was conducive to valuable discussion.

Brighton & Hove Music and Arts

The trainer was excellent. Very engaging and informative. Really enjoyed the training and feel inspired!

Youth Justice, Kent

Excellent! Very knowledgeable and informative. Good personable skills.

Arts Award Adviser

About projects with schools…

My son Liam has no verbal communication but it’s obvious to anyone, he was having a fantastic time.[…] For us parents we cannot ask anything more than to see the joy he is expressing.

Parent, Surrey

It’s like break but you’re learning at the same time.

Pupil, East Sussex school


It is genuinely so refreshing to be with creative people who don’t see the obstacles to moving forward creatively before everything else. I feel totally supported as we move forward.

Teacher, West Sussex

Your experience in bringing together schools and arts practitioners has been invaluable and had a very positive impact on our school’s improvement.  Our partnership has created opportunities that have widened horizons and opened minds.

Ann Cockerham, Principal, Rye College

I could share with you the anecdotal evidence of the impact in New Horizons: the improved attendance of the students, the reduced exclusions, improved lesson observations. Or I could try to make you understand the holistic impact for our community; the atmosphere in the local cinema when the Year 7s showed their latest film; the joy of engaging Sam (our most troubled young man) in music or simply the energy in the staff room at developing an outdoor curriculum.

Annabel Lilley, Deputy at New Horizons EBD School

Children who don’t necessarily excel on a scholastic level were enabled to succeed creatively and often confound preconceptions about their abilities. Imagine how it must feel for children whose exuberance and spontaneity is sometimes discouraged to discover that these same qualities illicit praise and affirmation!

Kevin Graal, creative practitioner

There was no time when I switched off, got bored, wanted to go to sleep or take a walk. As I was probably the oldest person present that was a great success!

Senior manager, West Sussex


About events management…

I was excited by all the energy and enthusiasm, mutual interests and shared focus

Conference delegate

New people, new ideas, the sun was shining, new people, shared enthusiasm, positive energy…

Conference delegate

The idea of bringing together cultural providers in one event, making use of the facilities of a school at a weekend when they otherwise remain unused, is very exciting!

Partner, Encounter Culture



About work experience programmes…

Because I’ve fallen in love with this, it’s given me the incentive to work hard and do this in my life. I know the grades I need to get in [to a degree course in Events Management]; I know what I’m aiming for.


This has been different from school work. It’s about working in the real world, it’s a real problem, real market research and we were given a lot of independence


This is actually going out there rather than just learning about it; this is experiencing the process of designing a website first hand