Children + creativity + CONNECTIONS = wellbeing

We run creative wellbeing programmes to help children and young people manage the stresses and challenges they face during everyday life. Led by two creative practitioners experienced in supporting vulnerable children and young people, programmes normally run after school for 8-10 weeks.  

SPACE TO CREATE is our primary aged programme. Working with 8-10 children we focus on creating a safe and creative space where children can build self esteem and confidence. Activities range from arts and crafts to music and drama. Where possible we use outdoor space as well for our activities. Children complete Discover Arts Award as part of the programme. 

Our team of artists are currently delivering online content for children through our Space To Create Online programme, offering vital support through the COVID-19 lockdown. We have a series of 30 minutes videos and accompanying activity sheets to complete at home. 


Check out Space To Create Online by clicking here.

TELLING YOUR STORY is designed for young people of secondary school age. We create safe and non-judgemental space where young people can let off steam, be creative, explore new ways to express themselves and what matters to them and expand their friendship groups. Most programmes involve a cultural trip. 


We are working with CAMHS and Sussex Partnership Trust to help expand the arts offer within the Discovery College programme, a young person’s version of Recovery College. These programmes will be advertised from September 2020.

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