Young Same Sky Creative Internships

18 sixth-form students co-constructed their individual work experience pathway out of placements on offer through the Brighton Children’s Parade. Students received training tailored to their area of interest, assisted practitioners with tasks leading up to the parade, and took part in the final event in May 2011.

Who was involved

  • Sixth form students and their teachers from Uckfield Community & Technology College, East Sussex, Blatchington Mill School, Brighton and Hove, and Heathfield Community College, East Sussex
  • Creative practitioners: Sharon Mee (Project Manager), Nikki Gunson (Artist), Patrick Bullock (Section Director), Tasha Padbury (Production Manager), Rosaria Gracia (Choreographer), Hazel Varah (In-house Shop Manager), Alex Buckley (Film-maker)


How can a real-life event offer young people the opportunity to creatively co-construct their own work-experience programme, delivering creative and employability skills for them and providing a viable model of collaborative work-experience for schools and organizations?


  • To provide students with relevant work experience leading to real world creative and employability skills and a greater understanding of the role of the freelance artist.
  • To develop a viable model of collaborative work-experience for Same Sky and participating schools


Students gained creative skills including carnival making, dance, costume, music, and filmmaking; work skills, including admin, project management, marketing, meetings with police / council, running the ‘shop’, production management, stage management, etc.  The experience had positive impacts on students’ attitude to in-school learning.

All schools consider the project to be a great success, and having devised this model of work-experience are keen to embed it into their respective sixth forms’ offering.

Same Sky and its creative practitioners were impressed by the students’ commitment. This year’s Children’s Parade was one of the most successful ever and the students’ role contributed to this success.

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Because I’ve fallen in love with this, it’s given me the incentive to work hard and do this in my life. I know the grades I need to get in [to a degree course in Events Management]; I know what I’m aiming for.

Y12 student

They’ve all done so well. It’s possible to forget what young people are capable of.


They were keen, well mannered, and nice to work with.

Community Manager, Same Sky

Some of the best crew I’ve worked with.

Creative practitioner working on the Children’s Parade

It was the perfect work experience.

Y12 student