The Water Design Challenge at Tandridge House School and Thomas Bennett Community College, supported by Southern Water

Led by Design Council and supported by Southern Water, the Water Design Challenge invited students from a number of West Sussex schools to develop their design skills in response to a real-life problem.

Who was involved

  • Students and teachers from Tandridge House School, Horsham and Thomas Bennett Community College, Crawley
  • Partnership Broker: Cindy Cox
  • Design Experts: Dave Moxey from Round & Red and Jason Allcorn from Redesign


How much water does your school use? How can you use design to reduce wastage?


  • To develop students’ environmental awareness around the use and conservation of water
  • To provide students with opportunities to develop design skills in partnership with professional designers


Tandridge House School created a Crystal Clear multi-media water saving campaign to encourage fellow pupils to save water. With help from designer Dave Moxey, they designed a cartoon water drop character that could appear in animated film adventures and on posters to raise awareness of how precious a resource water is. The team also designed a rainwater harvesting system for a new part of their school playground that will be created by the removal of some temporary classrooms. The school governors are going to help the team turn this into a reality by July 2011.

Thomas Bennett Community College design team, working with Jason Allcorn, created H2Jo, a cartoon character which, in comic book stories and on posters, would raise awareness of water wastage. They worked with on designing a campaign to promote water saving measures in their school.

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We need new innovative thinking to ensure we look after customers through this programme to help protect resources in the south which is officially classed as a water stressed area. Design plays a vital role in helping us do this, and working with the Design Council will enable us to access the best design skills to help us help our customers. It’s a big step forward for Southern Water and for Britain’s future sustainable water consumption Southern Water.

Southern Water