The Voice at Worthing High School

Working in-role as a mini production company, students were supported by a prolific radio journalist to create short films, interviews, pod-casts and multi-media projects to be hosted on The Voice, an online platform that they also developed. A local radio station commissioned a series of radio shows for broadcast.

Who was involved

  • Children and teachers from Worthing High School, West Sussex
  • Creative practitioner: Chantal Cooke (Radio Journalist and Managing Director of ‘Passion for the Planet’ Radio Station)
  • Ferring FM Radio


What improvements will a school enjoy if its students are given the opportunity to make an impact on its running/development via a creative and active mechanism for student-voice?


  • To enhance ways for students to have more of an influence in the school
  • To reinforce the collaborative relationship between students and their teachers
  • To create a sustainable model for the school to offer a platform for student voice to be heard
  • To demonstrate to students that their voice can make a difference to their whole school experience
  • To build on the culture within the school and staff team that recognises the value and impact of student voiceOu


Students lived up to high expectations; they developed creative and critical thinking skills to complete the tasks they were given as a production company. Students discovered talents they didn’t know they had and saw their confidence and self esteem grow. Many teachers noticed this confidence reflected in other lessons.

Students gained media industry skills and will peer-educate to extend the work. Media activities to maintain ‘The Voice’ will be embedded into mainstream music curriculum. Strong partnerships were established with local businesses and the 6th form college. Students feel as though they have kick-started something much bigger.

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I’ve got a more holistic sense of what school improvement is

Assistant head and music teacher

Everything was our choice


We’ve lit the fuse


We did a lot of work around advertising and PR where we had to make an advert finding the best, most attractive things about boring everyday items like a carrot or a sponge. This really helped with finding headlines and titles for our work


We all got to know each other better, getting out of school was great, when we had lunch it wasn’t like kids and adults, it was more like a team