STEAMFest Creative and Digital Café

Culture Shift ran a Creative Café focused on the creative and digital sector at this year’s Big Bang @ Eastbourne. The Big Bang, organised by STEM Sussex, celebrates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) in East Sussex. A range of STEAM employers came to the fair to promote their fields and engage young people to consider careers in their sector.

Our Creative Café sat alongside the event, offering groups of students a chance to have a more in-depth experience with a range of creative and digital professionals. Over the course of the day 120 students took part in hour-long activities with our 5 companies and professionals.

Who was involved?

Professionals from:

  • Zoonou (software testing)
  • Fotofonty (graphic design/photography)
  • Animazong TV (animation)
  • Cinematik (video production)
  • Adventures and Wisdom Institute (VR)


  • Seaford Head School
  • Causeway School
  • Claremont School/Pestalozzi
  • Bexhill Academy

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Feedback from participants

Thanks for including us in the workshop. We really enjoyed it, and it was great to see the majority of the participants engaging with what we do.

Professional contributor

I found the whole day very inspiring and a real eye opener with regards to the how the young creative minds are being influenced and stimulated (or not) by today’s online media sources.

Professional contributor

The best thing was the simple interaction that the students had with people in various industries. This alone is the best part.


Students got a sense of the reality of working in industries and a sense of the culture that the industries foster.


Really fun and educative. J was really helpful and since I am interested in games, I found it exciting.

Student, Pestalozzi

I enjoyed the creativeness of it all.

Student, Bexhill Academy

I enjoyed working in the Creative Café! It was very fun doing the animations.

Student, Seaford head School