Search for the hero at St Mary’s

Year 6 children from St Mary’s school used film making techniques and a virtual learning environment to identify and communicate their gifts and talents.  Following the Film Premiere night the school found new ways to embed ICT within teaching and changed its Gifted & Talented policy.

Who was involved

  • Year 6 children and their teacher Jonathan Hancock from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Brighton and Hove
  • Creative partner: Helen Goss (film-maker)


How can we identify and share our own gifts and talents using communication technologies?


  • To strengthen St Mary’s ICT teaching and learning and explore the potential of their virtual learning environment
  • To empower the children to explore and communicate their talents
  • To develop collaborative and leadership skills through the discovery of new abilities
  • To review St Mary’s Gifted & Talented policy


Through collaborating on a series of films exploring personal gifts and talents, the children developed skills in ICT, organisation and teamwork.  Children developed their confidence in speaking and learnt new skills around film making.

The whole class showed a clear improvement in motivation and excitement about learning, in school, and in extra curricular activities. The school has changed its Gifted & Talented policy, developed both new plans for the learning platform and identified ways to embed ICT within the curriculum.  The award ceremony provided parents and carers the opportunity to see their children in a new light.

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My mum said, ‘I didn’t think you could do that.’


I’ve never seen him do anything like this; it’s been a big surprise.


We got more say in this project, usually the teachers come up with the ideas but we got to use all our own ideas this time.


No one thought I could act, it’s made me feel happy, I’m not normally picked and now friends include me more.


This is an utterly unique experience for St Mary’s, thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved and wonderfully different.