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Bridge the Gap in Brighton and East Sussex

Year 10 students from 3 secondary schools in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex worked in partnership with creative professionals, responding to a real-world design, marketing or communications challenge on behalf of a real-world client. This work-engagement model was aimed at providing young people with work based learning experience initiated by and benefitting the businesses involved.

Who was involved

  • Year 10 students from Blatchington Mill School, Brighton and Hove, Ratton School, Eastbourne and Bishop Bell Church of England School, Eastbourne
  • Creative professionals from Cobb PR, Lindon East Marketing Communications and Digital Design Agency BozBoz
  • Business partners, Sussex Youth Radio, Drusillas Zoo and Family Investments
  • Others: Eastbourne Education Business Partnership


How can a three-way partnership between creative professionals, secondary school students and real-world clients provide quality work-experience for students and meet the needs of clients?


  • To provide students with relevant real-world work experience and inspire them to consider careers in the creative industries
  • To offer professionals in the creative sector the opportunity to influence the skills development of young people
  • To provide clients with solutions influenced by fresh ideas coming from the young people
  • To test a model of work experience which could be repeated in partnerships between schools and businesses


Students’ understanding of the workplace improved, through practical hands on experience and having to make decisions. Students developed their understanding of how business works and gained valuable skills and confidence.

Businesses benefited from the fresh ideas and approach that the young people brought to each brief.

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This is actually going out there rather than just learning about it; this is experiencing the process of designing a website first hand


I am learning to work to a deadline. I have also learned how to design based on a company’s brief.


If I go into a design-related career I will feel more confident.


I think the formality of this gave the project real credence. By working with professional designers students received insight into the working lives of graphic designers and how they approach projects creatively. Many students used CAD in a new way to develop finished products.


This partnership working with business prepares students for work in the future. This is an independent learning experience which challenges the students to feel a part of their future.

Assistant Head Teacher, Blatchington Mill School

The benefit of taking this outside of the company has been to inject fresh ideas into the brand, this has shown us the simplicity of the message. We will definitely use some of the designs you have created for us.

Business partner, Family Investments