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START at the Jerwood – Year 2

Following the success of Year 1 of the START Programme at the Jerwood Gallery, this programme provided opportunities for children and young people, particularly those with least access to the arts, to enjoy quality cultural experiences, become confident in their own responses and to create their own art.

The programme was structured around two visits, each with a different focus, generating ideas and follow up work in schools. The first visit concentrated on developing confidence and critical skills, getting to know the gallery, learning how to look and ‘read’ paintings. The second visit focused on using the gallery as a stimulus for a creative response, and gathering ideas which were developed with class teachers back in school.

Five creative practitioners were recruited to work with teachers to plan and deliver the gallery visits.

Who was involved

  • Jerwood Gallery
  • Teachers and students from 11 schools in Hastings: Dudley Infants, Sacred Heart Primary, Castledown Primary, Red Lake Primary, Elphinstone Primary, Hastings Academy, Helenswood School, St Mary Star of the Sea RC Primary, All Saints Junior School, Churchwood Primary and Little Ridge Primary
  • Creative practitioners Joseph Coelho, Rosemary Harris, Sheridan Quigley, Ed Boxall, Wendy Greenhalgh


  • To connect children and young people, currently with least opportunity to access the arts, with Jerwood Gallery, utilising positive role models (creative practitioners and Gallery Assistants) to raise ambition and aspirations
  • To enhance the young people’s experience through critical analysis and participation, and encourage them to create their own work
  • To inspire and support teachers to use the Jerwood Collection and exhibitions
  • To engage a multi-disciplinary group of professional artists to work with schools to support critical engagement and creative responses to the Jerwood Gallery programme
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As part of its ambition to be a cultural hub for Hastings, Jerwood Gallery is strongly committed to working with schools and other audiences to ensure that its cultural offer reaches local people and transforms lives. The START programme will enable Jerwood to develop an ambitious schools programme in its first year.

Liz Gilmore, Director, Jerwood Gallery

Through the START programme we have benefited greatly from the expert involvement of our artist. Most of our children hadn’t visited the Jerwood before and, although they had a knowledge of art through our theme weeks and curriculum, their involvement and engagement deepened greatly. The children certainly hadn’t seen so much art before and their faces have been a picture of awe and wonder. Their excitement at the visits has grown each time we have gone

Headteacher, Castledown School

It has been a truly wonderful experience watching their confidence grow and listening to them talk so maturely and sensitively about the artwork, something that has only been possible because we are in a gallery

Teacher, Helenswood School

I really enjoyed talking about the art work and having my opinions listened too


I didn’t expect to like all the abstract work but have ended up choosing one to work from, I would never have done that before coming here


I just like being in the building it makes Hastings look like a piece of art and it’s a really calm place


START was supported by the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.Jerwood-2-web