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Singing Surrey evaluation for Arts Partnership Surrey

Arts Partnership Surrey commissioned Culture Shift to assess the impact of their pan-county community singing programme and investigate the way ahead for increasing partnerships between arts and health sectors in the county.

Who was involved

Researchers and Open Space facilitators: Hannah Osmond and Rebecca Meitlis

Researcher Consultant: Dr Paul Hanna (University of Brighton)


What is the impact of singing? How can health and arts professionals work together to improve health and well-being in our communities?


  • To evaluate Singing Surrey as an example project of arts benefiting health and wellbeing in communities
  • To provide recommendations for future arts and health development projects for Arts Partnership Surrey, for example the possibilities of developing GP referral, ‘Singing on Prescription’ etc.


Thematic analysis following observations, interviews and case study development and a summary of existing research identified significant physiological, psychological, social and spiritual benefits.

An Open Space event attracted 50 attendees from across arts and heath contexts and brought a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the discussion. Recommendations relate to enhancing information sharing, networking and opportunities for training as well as targeted advocating to health sector.

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From the first evening when I went home with a big grin I have been really enjoying it. I have been quite down and the choir has been part of my recovery.

Singing Surrey Participant

The report from the Open Space event will be reviewed by all partners of Arts Partnership Surrey, this includes seven Surrey Borough local authorities, Surrey County Council and Arts Council England. It will be passed to senior local authority officers for recognition and comment at chief officers meetings.

Katy Potter, Cultural Development Manager, Tandridge

Read a copy of the final report here