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Silver Arts Award programme at Northbrook College and Worthing College with University of Sussex

A structured programme of Silver Arts Award opportunities, delivered in partnership between University of Sussex, Northbrook College and Worthing College, with advisors provided by Creative Partnerships.

Who was involved

  • Students from Northbrook College and Worthing College studying for an Art Foundation Diploma or A levels including at least one arts subject
  • Silver Arts Award advisors: Nicky Crabb and Julia Roberts
  • Creative practitioners: River Jones, Sounding the Site cultural festival, University of Sussex; Simon Wilkinson, Junk TV (independent film producer and artist); Moose Azim (professional photographer); Dan Lake (Production Manager for Same Sky celebratory arts organisation); University of Sussex arts graduates


  • To examine an innovative method of delivering Silver Arts Award to FE students in an HE context
  • To foster links between University of Sussex and partner FE colleges
  • To provide Arts Award students with the opportunity to learn from creative professionals and arts graduates
  • To maximise professional learning opportunities for students arising from the Sounding the Site cultural festival programmed as part of the University of Sussex Green Week


Positive links have been established between the colleges and the university.

All the participants engaged with at least one element of the Sounding the Site week of events at the university.  Students had positive experiences, taking risks and participating in new art forms.

All partners developed their practice and understanding of delivering Arts Award in an FE/HE context.

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Thank you. I have really enjoyed doing the award and am thinking about doing the Gold Award!