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Research into arts and cultural provision for 0-7 year olds in Surrey for Arts Partnership Surrey

An Arts Partnership Surrey commission to investigate grassroots arts and cultural provision for those 0-7 year olds in Surrey, and make recommendations for development.

Who was involved

  • Researchers: Hannah Osmond and Clare Halstead, with Cindy Cox


What opportunities are there for very young children (0-7 year olds) to access good quality arts and cultural provision in Surrey? How can this be developed where necessary?


  • To consider arts and cultural provision for young children aged 0-7 from a range of perspectives (individuals and families, and the public and private sector)
  • To analyse findings across this range to identify commonalities and differences and challenges and opportunities
  • To make practical recommendations to Arts Partnership Surrey for future programme development


The definition of ‘quality’ varies from each perspective and, when it comes to families, must be considered alongside practical elements such as cost, timing and location.

Research reveals distinctions between the desires of parents regarding what, when and how they access provision for their children and the preferences of, for example, arts professionals for how and what they offer for this age group.

Opportunities exist on two levels: a) to improve the visibility and accessibility of what already exists b) to increase the quality and diversity of what is on offer.

Findings suggest how cross-sectoral partnership work, sharing information and expertise alongside improved signposting and targeted marketing would support the first of these opportunities.

Arts Partnership Surrey has identified an area for investment which the consortium, representing the county, boroughs and districts is well placed to support. In this case knowledge of grassroots provision, resources and gatekeepers is as vital as the provision of funding and a joined up overview of cultural providers and specialists.

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Read a copy of the final report here