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Theatre Centre Research and Development

Having won research and development investment to consult with schools, Theatre Centre, a company that specialises in creating and producing new work with and for children and young people, engaged Culture Shift to support the company in building its knowledge and understanding of current and future markets for its creative programmes and productions.

Working with Culture Shift, Theatre Centre established a collaborative R&D process to develop a new product in partnership with schools.

The first phase of this co-creation was a short, intensive residency which took place in a single primary school in North London in the autumn term of 2015.

Culture Shift then carried out an evaluation of the residency, and produced a report covering:

  • the impact of that co-creation process on the learning of one class of Year 4 children and
  • the implications of learning from this process for the development of a new Theatre Centre product for schools, especially in light of the changes to the Primary Curriculum.

Following successful completion of the residency and delivery of the evaluation, Culture Shift continued to work with Theatre Centre to produce a creative consultation event with young people. This event became Youth Matters Hastings.





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