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Young Creative Leaders at The Stade Hall, Hastings

Young people came together for an intensive period to devise an event for the newly opened Stade Hall in Hastings. In the space of a few months they created a performance piece, gained Silver Arts Award and consulted with others on how young people might use this new community facility.

Who was involved

  • Young people from Inspire, Xtrax, Helenswood School, Filsham Valley School and Hillcrest School, East Sussex
  • Creative practitioners: Allie West, Intrepid Theatre, (facilitator and arts award adviser) with contributions from Ed Burnside (director), Ali Graham (film-maker), and Andrew Moran (photographer).
  • Jane Kilby (HBC) and Beatrice Rapley (Stade Education Project)


How can young people (14-21) help shape arts programming in Hastings and specifically on The Stade?


  • To encourage young people in Hastings to come together, consult with others and research, devise and programme their own event in the Stade Hall.
  • To develop arts leadership skills through Silver Arts Award
  • To establish a legacy for young people to continue to be involved in arts and cultural programming on The Stade (site of new Jerwood Gallery).


Young people who’d never met before came together to form a ‘creative company’ and collaborated on a shared performance piece.  They learnt new creative skills, ranging from performance, to film and photography. Embedded through the project were the development of leadership skills, team working and communications skills. They overcame many challenges and gained confidence all round. Feedback on the final performance was highly positive.

Most of the group opted to go for Silver Arts Award and many have since expressed an interest in doing the Gold Award.

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I haven’t seen before a group of young people in an out of school setting take on silver, without bronze first, in such a short time with such impressive results. Well done!

Arts award moderator

Well acted, convincing characters, very powerful, great storylines, good timing and excellent use of TV/props.

Audience member

This project has given me so much confidence. I never thought I was capable before of half the things I have done. I really want to continue and do more projects like this, to show myself and others what is possible.

Young person