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Using technology to explore historic connection at Farnham Heath End School

Young people chosen for their ability but lack of confidence investigated using film and technology to make links with the local community. Working with local film director, Grant Watson, they explored the emotional backdrop of real lives from the past.

Who was involved

  • Teachers and students from Farnham Heath End Secondary School, Surrey
  • Creative practitioner: Grant Watson from Pursued by a Bear Productions


How might new technology engage students with their local community? Can this build and inspire confidence in our young people?


  • To improve students confidence and encourage them to take a lead role
  • To discover new skills and creativity within the school community
  • To improve teachers’ confidence in using technology at school
  • To engage the wider community within school activity


The young people matured as a result of the process, making considered decisions and presenting a mature emotional response to diverse primary material. They cohered into a strong team. Students developed drama, communication and presentation skills, and some now wish to develop their drama skills further.

Teachers developed their own practice, especially around giving students ownership of their learning.

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I think my people skills have got a lot better as I had to work with people who I wouldn’t usually work with. I also think that my confidence when acting has increased as Grant told me that my acting was very good.


I am more confident about doing this again


We had our own ideas taken seriously and developed into something really fun and exciting and hopefully worthwhile