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Uscreen Here and There – hidden stories in Hastings

Three groups of young people worked with professional film makers to make their own films about their local heritage, connecting with the Hastings Heritage Open Days theme of Opening Spaces, Going Places.

Who was involved

  • Teachers and students from Glyne Gap School and St Mary’s College, Bexhill (both special schools) and young people 18+ and their workers from Autism Sussex
  • Film makers: Tim Corrigan, Annis Joslin, Kitty Wallace, David Parker and Sam Sharples
  • Others: Christine Gist, Curator, Coastal Currents Festival; Heritage Open Days


In what ways is film a valuable tool for learning for young disabled people? How can film give young disabled people a voice and visibility in the world?


  • To create opportunities for disabled young people, encouraging skill development and talent through film making, and enhancing their creative potential
  • To give the young film makers the experience of participating in a live event and in the decision-making process for the presentation of their work
  • To explore the value of film in young people’s learning
  • To raise the profile of the work of disabled young people and to place this film project within the regional film making community


The films were screened several times in August and September, 2011: in a container on the seafront as part of Heritage Open Days; as part of a seminar exploring film, learning and disability and alongside films from Oska Bright and Project Artworks and in Oudenaarde (Hastings’ twin town) as part of Coast Currents Arts festival.

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The young people learnt a number of new skills such as self discipline, performance skills, listening skills, patience, technical ability, confidence, appreciating and benefiting from seeing and being involved in how a film is made.


The group worked better together than I imagined, two students in particular gained in confidence and ended up contributing to every area in the process, which was unexpected.


Participants had a voice in the process and the film they wanted to make. Everyone had a moment in the film – everybody’s personalities were included.

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