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Art at Work 2013-2015

Art at Work was an arts learning programme for students at the Brighton & Portslade Aldridge Community Academies managed by Photoworks.

The programme gave students the opportunity to gain a range of skills through working with creative professionals and creative industries in Brighton.

Culture Shift evaluated the project, working closely with partners from the start to set objectives, and develop tools and resources to measure impact as the project developed.

The key ambitions of the project were to:

  • To inspire students to use technology creatively in and out of the curriculum
  • To develop students’ enterprise skills and raise awareness of careers within the creative industries
  • To develop creative projects that build links between schools and their communities, and between these school communities and the city
  • To develop young people’s sense of agency through leadership opportunities within the programme
  • To enhance teaching and learning through creative use of technology, and build sustainable partnerships between the academies and the city’s arts and creative industries

Who was involved?

  • Portslade and Brighton Aldridge Community Academies
  • Photoworks, Lighthouse, lead arts partners
  • Project artists: James Casey, Alex Buckley, Marysa Dowling, Sophie Giblin
  • Other cultural partners: The Keep (Family Album), Culture Shift (Creative Cafes)
  • Project Manager and support: Sharon Mee and Bec Britain

What happened?

Over two years a range of projects took place, including:

  • A photography project across both schools, ‘Looking into the Family Album’ which culminated with a showcase within the Brighton Photo Biennial
  • 2 Creative Cafes in year 1 followed by Careering around the City in year 2 introducing 200 young people each year to numerous creative and cultural industries in the city
  • FAST Art, a successful enterprise project
  • Family PhotoFest at BACA

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Students attainment at Art GCSE was significantly improved through photography and animation skills developed.

Students awareness of creative industries in the city increased significantly.

Take up of technology and art GCSE went up significantly following Careering Around the City.

Both schools valued the connections with businesses in the city and hope to sustain them in the future.
For more information see project website


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