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micro word, art, & numeracy CAFES 

young people + professional = iNSPIRATION and aspiration

Micro Careers Cafes 

These resources are designed to offer affordable careers related learning directly to primary and secondary schools, and colleges. A spin off from our Creative Café model and funded through the East Sussex Careers Hub, they assist in developing skills and increase understanding of the practical application of learned skills within key areas of literacy, numeracy and art. 


It is an opportunity for students to have dynamic career engagement opportunities, and gain a broadened understanding of the jobs that exist within their communities.

We ran a very successful pilot for primary careers education, which aimed to deliver innovative sessions both face to face and online within targeted primary schools to:

  • widen aspiration and increase confidence

  • challenge stereotypes

  • increase awareness of different types of jobs across a sector and/or using different skills

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The Evaluation report for Creative Arts, Word and Numeracy Cafes in Primary School Setting

What's on offer?

Each Micro Cafe booking offers:

  • 4 x 5 minute films to introduce 4 different professionals and their individual areas of work, of which you can choose from

  • 4 resource sheets to introduce the tasks that will be used within the classroom

  • 8 x 30 minute online sessions with the 4 professionals

You can access the introductory films for free here. The resources and online sessions are costed per professional, and it is possible to have the sessions run in a face to face environment if preferred, depending on availability.

"We loved the experience and I think it's one that all of the children will never forget!"


Word Cafe professionals

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Jake "Woodzy" Woods, rapper and spoken word artist

Zo daniels, online community and content manager

siddy bennett, singer and songwriter

rachel bennington, Storyteller

art Cafe professionals

Andrew fitchett, creative arts tutor

Anna soden, theatre maker

katy whiteman, Graphic designer and illustrator

faye polden, guitarist and educator

Numeracy Cafe professionals

ismini samanidou, weaver

scott mac, service change manager, london buses

Claire walker, project manager

josh bararinde, social entrepreneur

To commission a Micro Careers Cafe Event for your school or college or find out more about our careers and skills programmes please contact Sarah Hinks