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discovery college

Co design + creativity + CONNECTION = wellbeing

Discovery College is a partnership between Recovery College, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and CAMHS in East Sussex.


It is a place for children and young people in East Sussex to have new experiences and learn more about emotional wellbeing and particular mental health challenges. Young people are involved throughout the design and delivery of programmes which offers a range of activities delivered in the community.

All courses are FREE, normally run for 8 weeks and are open to any young person whom self identifies as needing support. To date, young people have consistently found the arts-based programmes particularly effective in improving wellbeing, combatting social isolation and establishing a peer group.

Culture Shift is a key partner to help grow the programme, and in particular the arts offer.


Our role is to:

  • expand the number of arts partners

  • develop the visibility of the programme through developing a new website with young people

  • build a community of practice through network meetings and co-production training for professionals involved in the delivery

  • make the case for this work through a robust evaluation


We are delighted to have appointed Emma Insley as project evaluator and Ross Andrews Clifford and Chloe Taylor as web designer/developers who are co-producing the new Discovery College website with young people who signed up to the Designing Together course. 

Designing Together: Creating the DisCo Website

Facilitated by Annis Joslin of Photoworks, The DisCo Photo Club, ran through November and December  of 2020. A number of young people took part in the regular sessions, culminating in an online exhibition of photography hosted over on the Photoworks website, click this link to see more Reaching Across | Photoworks

January 2021 sees the launch of a new music course, Music Speaks, find out more by downloading the flyer here: 


Discovery College - Music Speaks 

To find out more about any other future courses email and we can send you the prospectus.

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