creative cafÉ

students + Business + creative Challenge = Career insight

Creative Café forms the heart of our flagship careers programme.

We bring together young people and professionals in a Café style environment to explore the different worlds of work in a lively, structured and creative environment.


Each Creative Café is a bespoke event which can accommodate 30 – 300 students, with a ratio of one professional to a max of 10 students.

This academic year, we engaged with over 2000 young people between the ages of 12 - 18, connecting them with 250 professionals from a wide range of sectors.

Schools, students and professionals welcome the fresh and supported approach. 85-90% of young people attending events consistently say they have enjoyed the event and feel more aware of future careers.

"The programmes are well organised, fully interactive and evaluated and have hugely increased the meaningful employer encounters. The originality of their format has been proven to be engaging for pupils of all ages" 

Enterprise Coordinator East Sussex 

"I really enjoyed learning about future career paths that I could take and seeing how many people enjoy their jobs" 


"Very inclusive – All year 7+8 pupil premium students catered for – fantastic range of professionals, engaging and varied activities. A really fantastic and inspiring morning"


"Great to inspire young people and get them interested in my industry"

Professional participant


If you’d like to book a Creative Café for your school or college, or find out more about volunteering as a professional  please contact 

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