Creative Facilitation Training

This training session offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to explore and develop a creative approach to the facilitation of group meetings and events.

In includes a toolkit of simple, interactive activities which could be useful and adaptable to many contexts, including:

  • Getting started: ideas for setting the tone, establishing relationships for positive and productive meetings
  • Structure and purpose: planning well and identifying the essential ingredients of successful facilitation
  • Refreshing the toolkit: exploring how to ‘get out the rut’ and get the basics done in new ways
  • Problem solving: exploring how to overcome challenges and issues of group facilitation (dealing with challenging behaviour, negative energy, inappropriate venue, lack of resources etc)
  • Reflecting and re-energising: sharing good practice through an exchange of ideas based on our own experience of group facilitation; what ideas work best? How can we modify them to suit our own work? How we can use reflective practice to support our professional development?

Training is delivered by Culture Shift director, Julia Roberts.

Praise for this training:

Thanks Julia for the bags of enthusiastic energy you brought to this training.


Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge… great session!


If you are interested in attending this training, or booking for a group, please get in touch.