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As expert brokers, we support the creative and cultural sector to connect with schools and community partners and expand your reach into new areas. We work with the sector to better understand the priorities and concerns of potential partners and commissioners. We help organisations collaborate so that the cultural sector has a stronger voice in the new commissioning landscape, brokering multi-partner programmes.

We provide bespoke professional development for individuals and organisations across the sector to develop skills and approaches to work effectively in schools and community contexts. We facilitate networking events to support organisations and individuals to work together and learn from each other. These can be sector specific or work across sector, connecting those working in creative and cultural sector with others. We design research and evaluation processes and work with you to ensure that any evaluation builds on good practice and is a useful exercise for all involved.

We connect creative and cultural sector professionals with young people through our Creative Café programme, giving you access to new ideas and improved understanding of the education sector, and helping you to nurture new talent.

We also provide a bespoke coaching offer to creative and cultural sector professionals.

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