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Bridge the Gap at Ratton School

Students from Ratton School conducted in-depth research into provisional licences for Hastings Direct.  The students used a variety of methods to collect the data, including emailing other insurance companies, analysing statistics, conducting a market research survey at the local sixth form college, finding quotes online and looking at comparison online sites.  The students collated the information and delivered a presentation back to Hastings Direct, offering a set of recommendations.

Who was involved

  • Year 8 and 9 students from Ratton School, along with their teachers
  • Hastings Direct


This project is part of Bridge the Gap which examines the question: How can a three-way partnership between creative professionals, secondary school students and real-world clients provide quality work-experience for students and meet the needs of business clients?


Students developed skills in telephone and face-to-face communication, presentations, ICT, creating surveys, managing money, working to a deadline, as well as a range of research skills.

The project contributed to Hastings Direct Corporate Social Responsibility targets and provided development opportunities two Commercial Executives in project management, mentoring and coaching.

Back to top

Senior staff from Hastings Direct were impressed by the students’ work and gave very positive feedback.

They treated us like adults… I respect them more because they respect us more, we haven’t been spoon fed.


This is new – a varied thing and we have used loads of different maths skills…  This has shown us that you need maths in real life.


This has shown us the seriousness of deadlines and how important it is, with homework you can be late but with this if you were late you’d get fired and look silly.


They took set mission statements, took us through a journey and gave us clear facts and suggestions at the end – I would have liked this experience when I was at school.

Hastings Direct

This has been a challenge for the students, they have enjoyed doing something real – this has definitely been a benefit to them.